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  Paperbacks - Fiction



A thick slab of a book containing the best of Steve's fiction from 2011-2017.

Contains the following stories and novellas:

The Whaler, The Farda, A Dog’s Life, Fox, Ruiner, Bebe, Twins, The Superhero of Small Things, The Beast, The Lottery, Fishes and Engines, The Hunt, Jam, The Brown Sweets, The Davison’s Party, Cholongov, Batch 22, Dog Skin, Heaven is Closed, Anti-Claus, Glitter, People of the Sun, Down in New Orleans, Quinton and the Attic, The Way Out is Through, Mr X, Terrorzoid Attack!, Wexley, Soundslaves, Trifucta, Experiments With Humans, Planet of Maniacs, The Seagull, Bonsher, Vomitganger, The Haemorrhoid, All That Will Be Lost.



  Paperbacks - Travel



Join the author, his partner and their little dog on a grand tour of Scotland in a classic T2 VW Campervan. From a monster hunting trip on Loch Ness, a journey inside a hollow mountain and a wander round the streets of Edinburgh, the tour covers a number of popular attractions but also takes in a few places not on the usual tourist itinerary, including:

An abandoned family theme park where the crowds are long gone, grass grows unchecked and rollercoasters slowly rust in the permadrizzle; a decaying, crumbling mental asylum no longer in use; an isolated house with an enormous concrete pineapple where the roof should be.  Throw in a tour of the lonely roads of Skye and a look at Eilean Donan Castle, the William Wallace Monument, the Glenfinnan Monument at Loch Shiel and the amazing Falkirk Wheel and you have a trip where the wonders of Scotland are revealed in all their glory.


A three month odyssey through the United States of America and Canada, covering more than 12,000 miles by car, train, ferry, snowmobile and inflatable tubes. Join the author (and his long-suffering girlfriend) on their spectacular adventure of a lifetime as they:

Cross Canada by VIA Rail! Snowmobile in the Rocky Mountains! Take in the strip joints of New Orleans!  Attend an Ultimate Fighting Championship event in Las Vegas! Sleep in an Ice Hotel! Challenge the authority of Disney World despots!  Get chased out of Georgia by murderous locals!

From the safety of your armchair, read about their adventures in New York, San Francisco, the Redwood forests, the Grand Canyon, Big Sur, Niagara Falls, Florida Keys..... the list is almost endless! The perfect book for anybody thinking of visiting North America.


Two friends embark upon an expedition through France, cycling from Cherbourg to Perpignan. Over the course of almost 1500 kilometres, they battle through the relentless heat and encounter vampire flies, angry restaurant proprietors and a host of European characters that have made France their playground for the Summer.  Along the way, they also contend with a rapidly diminishing cash supply, numerous dodgy camp sites and encounters with various French nutters. They are also forced to deal with perhaps the most difficult obstacle of all - each other!

A test of friendship and endurance, ‘Cycles, Tents and Two Young Gents’ puts you right alongside the hardy adventurers as they complete their gruelling journey – the only difference is you won’t finish the expedition with saddle sores and an empty bank account!


  Paperbacks - Illustrated Children's Books



An illustrated children's book in collaboration with the late artist Simon Schild.

Three hundred years ago from now, when land was tilled with horse and plough
An innocent man was hunted down, and thrown into a lake to drown
Over time, the lake stagnated, and memory of the man abated
But one dark night there came a storm, and Crackly Bones, the fiend, was born!

Crackly Bones is a morally complex tale aimed at adults and older children. It is an updated, modern take on the grisly fairy tales of old, told entirely in rhyme. It is a very dark story, focusing on a monster that boils down naughty children in his big black pot, in order to use the fleshy brew to feed his garden. However, things are not so black and white, and readers will find that by the end of the story they have a certain amount of sympathy for Crackly Bones, as it emerges that there is a history of lies and murder, and blood on the hands of the villagers’ descendants.


Sally’s world is turned upside down one day when her father announces he’s found a new job – in Liverpool! She is forced to leave behind her old school, her old stomping grounds and even her best friend Marcie.  In her new school, she finds that the teachers are all very scary, the rest of the children hate her and all she wants to do is go home.

She makes plans to force her parents to move back home, aided by her new friend the Terrorer, an enormous horned dog with red eyes and two rows of gleaming, sharp teeth. The beast is vicious and willing to do whatever she wants, but the power comes with a terrible price – Sally feels herself starting to change, to enjoy the newfound possibilities such power can bring. But she also begins to fear the Terrorer.

Can Sally really control the beast, or is it actually controlling her?

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