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A compilation of thirty-seven short stories and novellas ranging between horror and satire, science-fiction, grisly humour and urban commentary.  These stories pack a punch that will leave you thinking about them for a long time afterwards.

 This collection chooses the best of Steve’s work from 2011-2017.  A number of the stories have reached the top of their respective charts on Amazon.

“I find that many books merge into one another in my mind and after a year or so, I can’t remember what it was about, or even what I found so special about it. With Steve Roach you know you’ll never read another story like his. His work has a way of fixing itself in your mind forever. These stories are often not a comfortable read but if you want your ideas stretched and challenged, have a go. Highly recommended.”

Ignite, Amazon Reviewer

Available as a Kindle ebook and a paperback.


The Whaler
Something terrible lurks in the ocean, even more formidable than Grice, the most insane of whaling captains.

An old man makes a private Eden in the middle of a vast desert. All goes well until the Ruiner comes and begins to destroy everything the old man has created.

Two brothers, bound by blood and a terrible hatred for each other. How many times can they kill each other? How many times can each come back even more powerful than before?

The Superhero of Small Things
Disgusted by what she reads in the news one day, a woman decides to fight back against the people who make life miserable for all of us.

People of the Sun
A team of men head into the Amazon jungle, searching for Inca gold that was smuggled out of Peru centuries before. They must survive the horrors they find in the jungle and, even worse, the horror they find within each other.

The Way Out Is Through
Schwarzesloch remains in the city as Katrina strikes, holed up in his house as the world seems to collapse around it.  Once the storm is over, he is forced to abandon his property and take to the flooded streets.  As he makes his way towards the perceived safety of the Superdome, he meets an unlikely travelling companion and, during the next few days, they do whatever they can to escape the city.  The authorities seem to have abandoned New Orleans.  Nowhere is safe.  There is no law.  Society has broken down and only the strongest will survive.

Mr X
Every time he wakes up, the man has no idea where he is.  Or who he is.  All he knows is that he must find the killer of his family. 

Planet of Maniacs
A race of aliens has been rampaging through interstellar space leaving a collection of ruined planets in their wake.  When scientists on Earth become aware of their presence, they come up with a plan…

The Seagull
A miserable old man finds a seagull chick in his front garden one day.  He can’t help but think of what this chick will become, a vicious predator that would soon join the ranks of the airborne monsters that terrorise his part of the city.  Dark thought swirl through his mind, culminating in an atrocious act that brings on a nightmare from which he will never recover.

The Haemorrhoid
For fifty years, Wilf Butterby has been at the mercy of a monster hanging from his arse.  Desperate and lonely, Wilf decides one day that enough is enough.  But the pile isn’t going down without a fight.

A Selection of Reviews for Stories in This Book:
“A Sublime Work of Fiction.  The characters are richly defined, the setting is beautifully atmospheric and the action is thrilling. And to top it all off, it ends with a chuckle. Many authors are unable to pack this much into an entire novel, and Roach manages to do it in (a few) pages.”
Amazon US review for ‘The Whaler’

“I enjoyed this well written short story. The author definitely has talent.”
Amazon UK review for ‘The Farda’

“Another corker from Steve Roach. Amazing, thought provoking, scary stuff.  Timeless – tackles our basic human insecurities.  Always waiting for the next offering from this writer.”
Amazon UK review for ‘All That Will Be Lost’ (Short story)

“This is, without a doubt, the darkest and most disturbing (story) I've ever read.  I worry about the author.”
Amazon UK review for ‘A Dog’s Life’


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